Amber Lynx High Thoughts: YK Osiris, Gina Rodriguez, The Ace Family, Fredo & Jas

<p>okay so boom. yk Osiris and jaquees are hilarious for thinking either of them is the king of r&amp;b. Gina Rodrigues says the n-word. all I know is if you aint black and you&#39;re around me and you say it&#39;s gone be a problem. yall still hate the ace family for no logical reason. prettyboyfredo and jas made a 40-minute video about there break up and I watched it all. anyways watch the entire video and enjoy it.</p> <p>Email Me for questions and Advice</p> <p>enjoy the video. and remember stay fly and high.<br /> Subscribe:<br /> Subscribe:<br /> &mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;<br /> FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA</p> <p>Twitter:</p> <p>Instagram:<br /> &mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;<br /> HELP ME OUT BY SUBSCRIBING</p> <p>DON&rsquo;T FORGET TO HIT THAT MF! LIKE BUTTON!</p> <p>Tell Me What You Think In The Comments Below!<br /> _________________________________________________________________<br /> The beats featured in my videos are by the one and only<br /> CHUKI BEATS</p> <p><br /> ✘ Spotify:<br /> ✘ Instagram : @chukibeatz<br /> ✘ Contact :<br /> ✘ FREE USE INFO:</p> <p>Download/Buy :<br /> &mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;</p>