Who is BiBakedPotato? | Bibakedpotato

<p>A brief Q&amp;A I&#39;ve refilmed like 30 times. This time I didn&#39;t get totally baked so I could actually speak coherently. Next time, I hope to explain my EDS and how it affects my day-to day as well as general stoner styles.</p> <p>This channel hopefully will be filled with information about my medical conditions, cannabinoids that help, and story-Time seshes, and of course, other requests or ideas as I come up with them or as they are suggested.</p> <p>follow me on my IG for</p> <p>IG:<a href="https://www.instagram.com/bibakedpotato/">https://www.instagram.com/bibakedpotato/</a></p>