YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD STONER HERE BRINGING YOU GUYS ANOTHER STRAIN REVIEW! TODAYS STRAIN IS BANANA HAMMOCK! TUNE IN FOR A NICE INFORMATIVE AND ENTERTAINING SMOKE SESH! SMOKE ALONG, EAT ALONG , STAY MEDICATED! YOU CAN PICK THIS UP AT: JUNCTION 420 THIS CAME FROM: TEXOMALABS * * BREIF DESCRIPTION This strain is great Nice compact there were some water leafs but nothing crazy has an orange yellow tint to the bud the aroma is tropical with overtones of berry, banana. top medicinal uses are mood enhancement and pain, and effects are in betweenness and lost in space THC dominant strain. source : source : Dan Michaels The Green Book source : junction 420 * * * Music is by Bob Marley Wiz Khalifa Creame