True Life: I have Multiple Stoner Personality Disorder - NUVATA Review!

<p>Need to feed all your smoker personalities? Same.</p> <p>That&#39;s why I love Nuvata&#39;s new Mind Body series! These vapes are super easy to pull! I like that they are small and almost completely silent. NUVATA vaporizersare some of the most discreet vapes I&#39;ve ever used. My absolute favorite part? The terpene profiles! I love seeing what dominant terpenes are giving me the various effects I desire from each individual vape.</p> <p>Nuvata:&nbsp;<a href=""></a></p> <p>LA local? Check out the full Nuvata series&nbsp;<a href="">here</a>!</p> <p>Follow me on&nbsp;<a href="">Instagram</a> for quick clips and other fun content : )</p>