The #HotboxShow Ep 89 Ft. Die Boom Shop

<p>This week&#39;s guest is Kobus from Oudtshoorn. When we first met him on the #HotboxShow, he was a medical cannabis franchise owner. He has since cancelled his agreement with that Traditional Healers organisation and now runs Die Boom Shop and One Culture Social Club in Oudtshoorn. He is in Gauteng to teach others the tricks to starting your own successful cannabis co-op and social club and we&#39;re delighted to have him back on the show for an update.<br /> Don&#39;t miss the opportunity to chat to us on the live feed.<br /> Other completely insane news includes, Is the worlds biggest cannabis corporation on the rocks?; Which pot for your pot plant? Are Eastern Cape glass blowers Praxis Glass Lit or Shit? and is killer CBD a real thing?<br /> We&#39;ll also have an update on a recent visit to The Kingdom Of Eswatini(Swaziland), as guests of the Eswatini Legalisation Association.</p> <p>Join us for another packed show!</p> <p>There will be another Insta-my-Gram winner to chose, and this weeks stoner-poll to answer. Join us on the live chat from 7pm live and unpredictable........</p> <p>Video Playlist:<br /> Video Live:<br /> Audio PodCast:<br /> Spotify:</p> <p><br /> #HotBoxShow</p> <p>#review #nugporn #smoking #dabs #legalize #review #strains #news #grow</p>