Poetic Stoners (feat. DaytimeBlaze)

<p>yes. yes. yes. poetry + stoners = art. it was so much fun to collab with another writer on this amazing platform. to think that TWT offers a place where people can connect and share their passions for weed and life, even from thousands of miles away, is completely breathtaking and that is HighBeauty defined.we love sharing our love of poetry and words and weed and love and life and so on and so on. in this video, we took inspiration from Dayjah&#39;s channel (@daytimeblaze), where she does the ICONIC &quot;Poetic Stoner Series&quot;. if you&#39;re not familiar, in her videos she smokes and reads poems she&#39;s written that were inspired from a stoner word or phrase. so for this video, she wrote a poem with my channel name HighBeauty and I wrote one with DaytimeBlaze. so come on in, sesh with us (even tho we didn&#39;t smoke a lot here in this video, we smoked for around an hour before we filmed this), and feel these words. stay tuned for the collab we did on her channel. much love goddesses.</p>