End of wk 8 of flower for Crop King Seed Gelato Mars Hydro TS 1000, TNB Naturals, AC INFINITY grow

<p>We flushed our plants using ice cubes stacked around the base of the plants hoping it would help turn the buds purple like we have done in the past. We only got two good ice packs since our last video which was only like 5 days ago as I was late making the previous video. Anyway. We are going to run this strain one more week for sure for Plant #1 the more sativa dominant pheno. The others will run a few more days for sure. Possibly the week also. We are going to remove a bunch of fan leaves and let some more light hit the lower budsites for at least a few days if not the week. Hopefully helping mature any buds that are not quite as plump as the tops. Which are DENSE AF! <br /> There is no doubt in my mind we will do better than our last grow.<br /> We are THROUGHLY impressed with the performance of the combined set up. As we believe every piece of equipment in here, as well as genetics worked great together. This is basically the set up we are giving away on our Instagram page @westcoastcroppers1. The AC INFINITY fan is a t4 instead of a t6. Still a great piece of equipment. Plus we have a Blade Filter charcoal filter that goes with the giveaway. Much better filter than what we have here. Head on over to our page for the giveaway. message us and we will send you the link. Make it easier for you to enter.</p> <p>You can buy this light and other Mars Hydro products at http://bit.ly/35BKrEu<br /> PROMO CODE:WCP</p> <p>TNB Naturals products can be purchased at the online store at http://www.tnbnaturals.com</p> <p>Crop Kings Seeds Gelato and many other strains can be purchased at their online store as well<br /> https://affiliates.cropkingseeds.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=999<br /> DISCOUNT CODE: KING10</p> <p>25% of ALL affiliate commissions we make will be donated to a good cause EACH month.</p> <p>Instrumental produced by: Jus BEATS</p>