They Raced Up That Waterfall!? (Jamaica)

<p>Welcome to Healthy Dose of High, a series where we profile cannabis users who are not lazy, redefining what it means to be a stoner. After several flights for Crue and crew, we meet up with Nick and head to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.Director Arend pushes everyones limit by having the boys race up the natural springs waterfall with a camera man they can&#39;t leave behind.</p> <p>The entire crew was even lucky enough to try some authentic home grown ganja!</p> <p>Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with the show and follow us on social media to see behind the scenes and sneak peaks of upcoming episodes!</p> <p></p> <p>Instagram</p> <p>@HealthyDoseofHigh</p> <p>Hosts</p> <p>Nick Barnhill - @NickBarnhill</p> <p>Crue Kopecky - @TheWeedJesus</p> <p>Crew</p> <p>Arend Richard - @ArendRichard</p> <p>Henry Swain - @HenryMcNinja</p> <p>Joya G - @TheJoyaRide</p> <p>Tim Maly - @StonedTim</p> <p>Ariana Newton - @Provisional_Stoner</p> <p>Molly DeRaita -@MollyWeasley2.0</p> <p>Adam Witherspoon - @Calispoons</p>