Sour Tangie Grow with Mars Hydro -Getting ready to switch to flower.

<p> Hello and welcome to Grow420TV! Thank you for tuning in. This is a weekly cannabis grow documentary. We have several grow tents, Grow cabinets, and grow closets in use for growing organic medical marijuana. All of our plants are for personal medical use, nothing is for sale. Join us as we grow organic cannabis from start to finish. All of the plants are grown in a coco coir medium. Please Like, and Subscribe. Leave comments, and questions. We love to hear from everyone! So kick back and enjoy the show. Light one up, and here we go! In Mars Hydro 3x3 tent we haveour Mars Hydro TSW 2000 Light last week. This will be our Sour Tangie Grow with Mars Hydro! You can get this set up your self at The Sour Tangie from Garden of Green should be a high terpene profile strain. This 80% sativa plant should produce some amazing colas! This is the 5th week of vegetation. Today we will get the girls ready for flowering next week. We are happy to start a new grow in our 3x3 Ultra Yield grow tent! In this tent we have two Spectrum King Closet case 140 Watt lights. There will be a total of 9 plants, and 3 strains. The Banana Blaze from Dutch Passion Seeds. Critical Kush from Barney&#39;s Farms. Also Sweet Zombie from Expert Seeds. 3 brand new strains of almost pure indica! Our girls have already been topped, now its time to switch to flower. This should be a grow tent full of Dank and Stank for sure!!! In our Nursery we have a T5 fluorescent bulb light. We have a Persephone by James mother plant in here. Also we now have a new Peyote gorilla mother plant here too. We keep our mother plants in 1 gallon containers of coco. Today we will be bending the plant and tying it so it grows along the side of the container. This helps the clone branches grow to the light. It also saves a lot of space. We also have some of our SKEastCoast OJ Crush baby&#39;s sprouting. Our Auto Sky Room is a small grow cabinet. It is about 20 in wide, 30 in deep, and is about 5 feet tall. We have an Electric Sky ES180 light in this grow space. I like to use this area for auto flowers. Its size is great for smaller photoperiod plants also. In here we have our Peyote Gorilla girls. We found a seed from the last grow and are growing one from Seedsman. This is the 7th week of flower for these girls. It will be fun to see how the two differ from cross breading. Thank you to everyone watching and Subscribing! We are happy to share our very easy way of growing organic cannabis with dry soil amendments. Please follow us on Instagram : To Support our channel further join our Patreon Page: email us:</p>