Taking 10g of Magic Mushrooms LIVE - 'Godly Dose'

<p>In this video I livestream my experience of taking 10g of Magic Mushrooms or Psilocybin for the first time to document and display my experiences while under the influence.</p> <p>Let me know what you think of my experiences with my Microdosing &amp; &#39;Godly&#39; Dose Experiment and I&#39;d love to hear your experiences as well!<br /> <br /> Leave me a comment below about your experiences with psychedelics &amp; micro/macro or large dosing of mushrooms!!!</p> <p><br /> Follow My Journey:</p> <p>Website - http://www.thehungarianexperiment.com/<br /> Instagram: http://instagram.com/hungarianexperiment<br /> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HungarianExperiment/<br /> Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hung_Experiment</p>