Missouri Medical Grow - Seeds! (And a note about things to come)

<p>New seed haul! Deciding what to run next is always a good time, but there&#39;s only room for 4 plants!</p> <p>Medical license here, so we do six clones, six veggers, and six in flower. I currently keep 2 phenos of Northern Lights on hand as moms.</p> <p>Have you grown any of these? Got any notes?</p> <p>I&#39;ll pop these this weekend, so you have a couple days to pick what you want to see here on The Weed Tube!</p> <p>[SPECIAL NOTE:] I will be taking on 2 medical cannabis patients once I figure out the best way to navigate the new caregiver system here in Missouri. Lots of details yet to work out, but I&#39;m putting it out to the universe.</p> <p>Got a product we might be interested in that you want to see featured in a grow? I am open to testing strains or gear... hit me up if you want honest feedback.</p> <p>public.jay@gmail.com</p> <p>Show Me Baby!</p>