<p>Hey friends! Thanks for clicking on my video! Today we have an unboxing, review, and sesh! I got a bunch of goodies from BeeLine Hempwick that I wanted to show you guys! The hempwick is probably the nicest I&#39;ve ever tried! It is slow burning, has zero taste, and is so easy and convenient to use! In this video, my chair wont stop squeaking so Im terribly sorry for that! I enjoy some bong rips out of my Mav Glass bong, and then roll up a nice joint of the extra thin bee line hemp papers! I loved everything so much and plan to include some of it in my Instagram giveaway coming up!</p> <p>Please follow beeline hempwick on Instagram!:</p> <p>And check out their website!:</p> <p></p> <p>Follow me on Instagram!:</p> <p>Https://</p>