4.2 Gram Hotbox for 420 | KUSH UP CHALLENGE | Bakedbeauty420

<p>What is good what is up beeches! HAPPY 420 BEECH, in today video My boyfriend &amp; I smoke a 4.2 gram joint in our closet and hot boxed tf out of it! We also attempted the Kush Up challenge! I have actually gotten a lot of request to do the challenge! This joint was insane and hands down the BIGGEST Raw Cone I&#39;ve ever smoked. Shout out to daily high club for putting this cone in one of my boxes,I saved it so long for this special day. Even though we are Quarantine we are sure as hell going to make the best out of this 420, after all its an Iconic ass moment, 4/20/20. Mckay &amp; I started 420 off the right way with this insane hotbox! I don&#39;t think my eyes have ever burned so bad! I hope you guys are staying safe and most of all Sane during this time! Lets make the most out of this 420! I hope you guys enjoyed this video as well, I know how much ya&#39;ll love my hotboxs so I figured it had to be done beech! I love you all so much, as always sending you all my love &amp; light! Have a safe &amp; happy 420! Xoxo Bakedbeauty420!</p> <p>Where else to smoke with me?!?!??</p> <p>Instagram:<a href="https://www.instagram.com/_bakedbeauty420_/?hl=en">https://www.instagram.com/_bakedbeauty420_/?hl=en</a></p> <p>Twitter:<a href="https://twitter.com/_bakedbeauty420?lang=en">https://twitter.com/_bakedbeauty420?lang=en</a></p>