Playing Beat Saber while High - 420GAMING

NEW VIDEO EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE : --------------- Strain: Sour Diesel Grade: Trim Run Type: Shatter Company: Vader Extracts Glass: Mobius Glass Mini 2nd gen - Matrix Ion Perc Accessories: RDK-200 Enail + 3 x 6mm ruby terp pearls --------------- Beat Saber is a rhythm VR game where you hit boxes with lightsabers to your favorite song. This game is extremely addicting and playing it while high is the BEST THING EVER. In this video I play Beat Saber while high. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK! Social Media- Please follow my social media for updates , just to hangout and get to know me. IG: Twitter: Facebook: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Disclaimer* This video is intended for audiences that are at least the age of 18+. If you are underage, please close this video & do not subscribe to my channel! I am not an expert in cannabis. The things I talk about in this video are my opinion and isn't meant to be professional advice. If you are experiencing any problems relating to cannabis, please consult with your physician. I own the rights to my video and do not condone any law enforcement agencies to download my content. This video is for educational purposes. I am a prop 215 patient within the state of California. It is legal for Californians to receive a recommendation for medical marijuana from a physician. It is legal for me to posses cannabis for medical use.