How to Make Cannabis M&M cookies.

<p>Welcome to the channel. In this video, I will show you how to make Weed M&amp;M Cookies</p> <p>Ingredients</p> <p>1/2 cup of cannabutter</p> <p>1/2 cup of brown sugar ( use cannasugar if you can to increase potency)</p> <p>1/4 of white sugar</p> <p>1 egg</p> <p>2 teaspoon of vanilla extract</p> <p>1 1/2 flour</p> <p>1/2 of baking powder</p> <p>1cup of M&amp;M &quot; Milk chocolate, not peanut&quot;</p> <p>1/2 cup of mini chocolate chip</p> <p></p> <p>Give this recipe a try and check out my other recipes as well.</p> <p>Support the channel by liking,subscribing, commenting, and sharing my contents. Peace</p> <p></p>