stoner tag + smoke sesh

Thanks for watching don’t forget to like and subscribe! Comment below which celebrity stoner you would want to smoke with!? Stoner tag questions: 1. what was the first piece you ever smoked ? 2. top 5 reasons you love weed? 3. bong, blunt, joint or piece? 4. favorite stoney accessories? 5. what gets you the most stoned? 6. do you prefer to smoke in a group or alone? 7. when was the first time you rolled a joint or blunt? 8. Indica, hybrid or sativa ? 9. favorite munchies? 10. ever shotgun somebody? 11. most beautiful place you’ve ever smoked at? 12. highest you’ve ever been? 13. favorite person or people to smoke with ? 14. how much do you smoke per day? 15. which celebrity stoner would you want to smoke with?