Colorful Euphoria Eye || Lit Makeup Sesh

<p>Heyyyy, whats up stonerssss! For today&#39;s video I created a Euphoria inspired look! Colorful and bright! I also talk a little bitabout what I want to focus on for my channel. PLEASE excuse my ugly dandruff yall LOL. I CANT. *hides face*I&#39;m also very sorry about the audio, its kinda low and I&#39;ll do better in my future videos. Other than that, I hope you stoners enjoy this video! I had so much fun filming this look!</p> <p></p> <p>Thank youfor watching &amp;dont forget to subscribe, like and comment down below on what you think about this look! See yall in my next video! &lt;3 Blessings xxx</p>