Confidence in Cannabiz: Our Mission

<p>CONFIDENCE IN CANNABIZ is a four module training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to advocate for cannabis and support others doing so as well.</p> <p>I&rsquo;ve taken over 10 years of working around hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts, and I&rsquo;ve distilled it down into a few key strategies that will make all the difference for you and our mission.</p> <p>And each module is delivered via weekly emails to help you get maximum results.</p> <p>This is NOT &ldquo;dump a bunch of info on you and wish you all the best&rdquo;. We have intentionally designed this learning experience for you.</p> <p>When you apply the strategies I outline in the program, you&rsquo;ll have more breathing room in your life, less stress/anxiety about standing up for what&#39;s right, and a lot more passion for promoting cannabis. Launching 7/10..are you with us?!</p> <p></p>