New 600 Watt Grow Light Upgrade PLUS Adding A Light Mover

<p><a href=""></a>You can get the 30% discount code on this page on my website. You can also get $120 off the master grower certification online course using the discount code found there as well. Check it out folks!</p> <p>Now onto the fun stuff. I have a new vivosun 600w hps grow light setup that I bought through Amazon for around $130 bucks. It included the batwing reflector, e-ballast, light timer, gloves ( for handling the lights ) and light ratchets to hold everything up.</p> <p>I am thinking about adding a light mover to this grow tent to allow the 600 watt to get more canopy action and hitting the girls from different angles ( they like it I swear LOL ).</p> <p>Once I am done putting the whole thing together I will post a video so everyone can check it out.</p> <p>If there are any fellow growers running light movers, please share your opinions on them. I used to run them when I did large stadium grows in Cali. I ran the lights in a vertical setup however. Another time I ran them to where the light moved up and down smack dab in the center ofa 4x4 tent. That really increased the lower bud production for sure ( if you&#39;re into that sort of thing ).</p> <p>Now to see which way I decide to run them HMMMMnn</p> <p>I can&#39;t wait to see how the 9lb hammer grows under this new 600 watt hps grow light. I am also going to get the breeding project underway, so anyone who wants seeds you better follow me lol</p> <p>I am most excited about the 9lb hammer x sssdh and what will come of the f1-f4 projects and further if wanted. The f2 hammers will toss some killer phenotypes for sure. My boy FRANK the TANK 9 pound hammer male is a beast and is ready to get his breeding on, dim the lights and set the mood. RARRRRR lol.</p> <p>Sending positive growers karma to everyone on theweedtube,</p> <p>The AardVark</p> <p>p.s. post a comment so I know at least YOU are watching</p> <p>#marijuana #cannabis #trending #theweedtube</p>