My First Hit of Rec Legal Weed - and Bong Christening

<p>This video is intended for cannabis patients and adults 21+. It does not promote the sale or use of cannabis and is only for entertainment purposes.</p> <p>What&#39;s up Weedlettes? Thanks so much for watching my first Weedtube video.</p> <p>I am having some issues with uploading so hopefully this works out and I can get something up today. :)</p> <p>This video shows my first hit of rec legal weed! It got me way more messed up than I expected to be. Meet my friends, Maple, Pine and my husband Madrone ;)</p> <p>Keep an eye out for upcoming videos showing up close shots of what we got, what&#39;s in my stoner box, 3 dab tabs at once and much more! My goal is to upload once a week but it may be more often at first.</p> <p>Follow me on my private 420 instagram @elm_woods and I will approve you/follow back asap. Make sure to let me know you&#39;re from TWT!</p>