Mother Plant Care

<p>Welcome everyone to Grow420TV. This is a special edition on how to care for your mother plant. This is our &quot;Persephone by James&quot; mother plant. It is from this plant that we cut our clones. Our clones than grow to be exact carbon copies of the original plant. It is this way that we can reproduce a plant with out having seeds. Also clones tend to grow a little faster (my opinion) than by seed. But this is the way to maintain the same plant growing time after time.</p> <p>In this weeks video we will show you how we care for our root bound mother plant. We do grow our plants organically and in coco coir. We will trim away the root bound area, and replace with fresh amended coco. This mother plant is grown along the side of the potter. This allowed us some extra space in our small nursery. We also do not want to replant into a larger pot, because we have to save space. Growing the mother plant this way allows the branches to grow up to the lights, so we can cut clones. Please watch our video &quot;How to: Clones&quot; on how to make clones.</p> <p>Thank you to every on watching, subscribing, and commenting. Please watch our other grow videos. We do upload weekly.</p> <p>Follow our Instagram<a href=""></a></p>