LATEST Q ANON DROPS 9/14 @Smoakpipe Sessions

<p>My name is Kevin AKA Deplorable Neezy. I have a passion for design and functionality. I hope you enjoy your new Smoakpipe as much as I enjoyed making it.</p> <p>It&#39;s wonderful that we have three forces fighting the good fight in different realms.<br /> - War Castles, undoing the freemason legal construct<br /> - QAnon, military operation and knowledge platform<br /> - John King III, dealing with the royal houses and misguided (corrupt) religions.<br /> Seemingly fully aligned moral while seemingly also fully independent.<br /> When they come together, there will be no way to resist the new reality people actually want.</p> <p>MEGA MEMES _</p> <p>Hope you guys enjoy this!<br />