Ayahuasca Purple from Barney's Farm !

I got some very cool plants out of my pack of 5 seeds, so it didn't take long to find one i was very interested in cloning. I honestly can't say enough how beautiful this plant is.. the steams are a dark red/ purple that contrasts the bright green leave's. It really is a photogenic plant, The plan here is the mainline out 4 main branches on each. A double scrog will be used and there is a new grow space I'm very excited about but up here in canada its still to cold for them to move out into the barn I've built. The barn is 15' wide by 30' long is in immaculate shape (now that I've spent 6 month working on it) the only thing i just don't have the cash for yet is (winter) type heating.. because we still hit -15 degrees celsius at night. But yes these plants will be moving out into that space with plenty of room to stretch when the weather starts to warm up ! Cant wait to keep everyone up to date !check out my grow diary here for full grow details ! :) https://growdiaries.com/diaries/25234-ayahuasca-purple-grow-2019Cheers Cariboo_OG