Irielogic420 smokes a 28 gram joint & takes a 7 gram power dab !!!!

<p>I hope everyone is staying safe out there !!! Guess who&#39;s back !!! Tell a friend !!! Guess who&#39;s back with bigger thangs !!!! It&#39;s irielogic420 and we brought out all the smoke on this one !!! We started off the episode by rolling a 28 gram joint and 7 grams of that was pure shatter &amp; then ended the show with irielogic420 taking a 7 gram power hit out of this new carb cap bowl that bustaseeds made for him , all while telling you everything that irielogic420 is being up , and all the investments he has being making because Irielogic420 got big thangs on the way and he can&#39;t wait to tell you about them !!!! Don&#39;t forget to like share and subscribe and get yourself some Johnny lime merch today !!!!!</p> <p>Irielogic420</p> <p>Instagram : Irielogic710</p> <p>Instagram :</p> <p>Bustaseedfarms Instagram :</p> <p>The Johnny lime show</p> <p>Website :</p> <p>Twitter :</p> <p>Facebook :</p> <p>Email :</p> <p>Instagram :</p> <p>Instagram :</p> <p>Instagram :</p>