Building & Rebuilding Relationships with Regulators - Hunter Neubauer of Oregrown

<p>Ep. 58 - Building &amp; Rebuilding Relationships with Regulators</p> <p>On this episode of the High Ground recorded on 01/21/2021, Jesse Betend talked to Hunter Neubauer, the co-founder and chairman of Oregrown, a cannabis company out of Oregon. Hunter has spoken in front of the state legislature and he&#39;s also built a personal relationship with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is in charge of regulating cannabis in the state. During the conversation, Hunter talked about the relationships that he&#39;s built with regulators, and how they have suddenly changed. Cannabis companies across Oregon, Oregrown included, started facing a rash of violations that in some cases cost businesses their licenses. Jesse and Hunter talk about the situation, and what he&#39;s been able to do to restore his relationship with legislators in Oregon.</p> <p>Oregrown Website:</p> <p>IG: @OregrownIndustries</p> <p>Twitter: @OregrownInc</p> <p>Facebook:</p> <p>Hunter Neubauer&rsquo;s LinkedIn:</p> <p>On The High Ground, we feature leaders of the cannabis industry. We talk to everyone from farmers to CEOs, and public officials - anyone making an impact on the cannabis community and beyond.</p> <p>To reach the show:</p>