smoking 12 joints in 12 minutes | blunt_bae_

<p>yallllll this was a CHALLENGE lmao</p> <p>since it&#39;s christmas i thought it would be fun to smoke the 12 JAYS OF CHRISTMAS AHAHAHA GET IT?!?!?!</p> <p>i hope you enjoy &amp; get litty with me!</p> <p>follow me on instagram: <a href=";v=Wto_aYw5cLE&amp;;event=video_description" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>TAGS twelve joints 12 minutes hotbox smoke sesh challenge smoke with me smoke session juicy j candy cane rolling papers raw christmas days vlogmas santa red holidays holidaze smoking girl female stoner instagram blunt bae weedtube weed ganja marijuana cannabis thc cbd 710 420 jays hotboxing my room hd 1080p 4k</p>