How and Why to Use Worms in your Cannabis Garden

<p>In today&#39;s video I will be covering how to add worms to the garden, the benefits of adding worms as well as an approximate amount of worms you should be adding per pot. I specifically cover a 100 gallon fabric pot, although worms can be used in any size pot or planter as well as many other uses!</p> <p>~ Follow me on social media for more updates and info! ~<br /> <a href="">Facebook</a><br /> <a href="">Instagram</a><br /> <a href="">Twitter</a></p> <p>Want to check out the website I wrote on growing and other cannabis related topics? Check it out <a href="">here</a>!</p> <p>Music:<br /> Song is &#39;Still Goin Doodoo&#39; by Mendo Dope</p> <p>- Red wigglers and European night crawlers from <a href="">Uncle Jim&#39;s Worm Farm</a>-</p>