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<p>One of our BongBae Reps washaving a nice Quarantine Session!! Hope you enjoyed it brother!!</p> <p>Cleaning kit:</p> <p>BongBae 2 Pack solution (32OZ):</p> <p>✅ BONG CLEANER KIT WITH BRUSH; Our Bong Cleaner Kit Is Made From The Highest Quality Materials to ensure a Premium Clean Bong Every Time. Comes with a Soft Non-Scratch Nylon Brush To Clean All the Hard To Reach Areas. A Bottle of 16oz Cleaning Solution. As well as 2 Tubes of Himalayan Cleaning Salt. 420 Cleaner Solution &amp; Tobacco Friendly.</p> <p>✅ CLEAN ALMOST ANY SURFACE; Our Dual Action Cleaning Kit Allows You to Clean Glass, Quartz, Pyrex, Brass, Metal, And Even Silicone! Good Use for Glass Pipes, Water Glass Bongs, Dab/Cannabis/Tobacco Pipes As well as Your Bowls.</p> <p>✅ NO NEED FOR A BONG MAGNET; Our Bong Cleaning Kit Comes With 2 Himalayan Salt Tubes That Replaces the Cleaning Magnet. No More Getting Your Magnetic Gadget Stuck Inside Your Bong. With just a Simple Rinse The Himalayan Salt Comes Out.</p> <p>✅ NO AFTERTASTE OR SMELL; Our Bong Cleaner Contains our Secret Formula to ensure no Aftertaste or Smell to your Beloved Bong!</p> <p>✅ AUTHENTIC PRODUCT; Our product is made with 100% high grade authentic ingredients. When cleaning your valued pieces make sure you are using authentic products and not knock-off brands whose ingredients may damage your item or negatively impact your health.</p> <p>Are You Looking For That Perfect Bong Cleaning Solution?</p> <p>You&rsquo;ve Probably Used A lot of Different Types But They Just Don&rsquo;t Seem To Work!</p> <p>Lucky For You We have Come Up With An Awesome New Product That Will Make Your Bong or Pipe Sparkle In Minutes!</p> <p>This Bong Bae Bong Cleaning Kit Includes:</p> <p>✅ 1 x 16fl oz/473ml Cleaning Solution 80% ISO; Powers through dry herb + concentrate residue.</p> <p>✅ 2 x 2oz/62g Cleaning Himalayan Crystals</p> <p>✅ 1 x Soft Non-Scratch Nylon Brush</p> <p>Item Specifications</p> <p>Item Dimensions: 8 x 3.2 x 2.4 in</p> <p>Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 3.3 x 2.5 in</p> <p>Package Weight: 1.4 lbs.</p> <p>Our Customers are always pleased with the results they get from this product!</p> <p>How To Instructions:</p> <p>Step 1. Grab your dirty bong!!</p> <p>Step 2. Empty all the water from it!</p> <p>Step 3. Drop the quantity of solution needed inside your bong.</p> <p>Step 4. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!! SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE!</p> <p>Step 5. Add Himalayan Salt Crystals if needed to reach all the hard to clean areas.</p> <p>Step 6. Use the Soft Nylon Brush to get the corners and small spaces!</p> <p>Step 7. Rinse with water a few times to remove the salt crystals and Solution.</p> <p>Step 8. Add water and your herb.</p> <p>Step 9. TAKE A BONG HIT!!!!</p> <p>100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Bong Cleaning Kit is Backed By Our Manufacturer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.</p> <p>Get Yours Now With Prime!</p> <p>----------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>Subscribe to us On Youtube :</p> <p>Follow us On Instagram :</p> <p>Follow us on Facebook :</p>