Guided Infused Mindful Meditation (10 Min.)

<p>Today we will journey to our peace, with this cannabis optional 10 minute meditation.</p> <p>Join Kitty from Secret Stash Yoga for a 10 minute Infused meditation,you can do anywhere and as always cannabis (or any other health-ful herbs) can be utilizied during this video to aid in your connection to your body and relaxation. The more we practice slowing down the easier it gets to de-clutter our thoughts and the activity around us. We stayed centered and react from a place of alignment.</p> <p>Stay tune for more cannabis enhaced meditations and yoga flows. If you enjoed this video be sure to #Like #comment #Share Feedback, questions, and comments are welcome!</p> <p>Click the links and Be sure to</p> <p>follow us on<a href="">Social Media</a>, explore our<a href="">Blog</a>, or visit the<a href="">website</a>for more content!</p> <p>Contributions via PAYPAL :</p> <p>Disclaimer: This is in no way shape or form medical advice or here to substitute that. These videos are simply suggestions, tips, options for wellness activites, that you partcipate at your own risk and instructors are released of all liablity.</p> <p>*I do NOTown the right to any music in this video*</p>