Crop King Seeds Gelato, TNB Naturals, mars Hydro TS 1000

<p>Inside the Mars Hydro 3x3 tent we will be using the Mars hydro TS 1000 to grow 3 Crop King Seeds Gelato. We will be using TNB Naturals products The Enhancer CO2 dispersal canister to boost the levels of CO2 in the tent. The Enricher plant booster and corrective supplement. As well as PH +/-<br /> We will be growing in three gallon pots using promix BX. Nutrient will be High Output Garden 3 part system with liquid Kool Bloom. This is exactly what we use in our medical rooms.</p> <p>You can buy this light and other Mars Hydro products at<br /> PROMO CODE:WCP<br /> TNB Naturals products can be purchased at the online store at DISCOUNT CODE: WESTCOASTCROPPERS10</p> <p>Crop Kings Seeds Gelato and many other strains can be purchased at their online store as well<br /><br /> DISCOUNT CODE: KING10</p>