Opening Jamaica's First Cannabis Wellness Resort

<p>We made it! The final episode of the first season of Healthy Dose of High! In the season finale we see the grand opening ceremony of Doc&rsquo;s place Negril, make some Jamaican drinks, and sit down with the man himself, Dr. Stephen Barnhill Sr. to talk about how he got into the cannabis space and how Doc&rsquo;s place came to be!</p> <p>Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date with the show in the future and follow us on social media to see behind the scenes and keep up with the team!</p> <p>Instagram</p> <p>@HealthyDoseofHigh</p> <p>@NickBarnhill</p> <p>@TheWeedJesus</p> <p>Crew</p> <p>Arend Richard - @ArendRichard</p> <p>Henry Swain - @HenryMcNinja</p> <p>Joya G - @TheJoyaRide</p> <p>Tim Maly - @StonedTim</p> <p>Adam Witherspoon - @Calispoons</p> <p>Ariana Newton - @Provisional_Stoner</p> <p>Molly DeRaita -@MollyWeasley2.0</p>