Deputy wife Rolling my first joint in a LONG TIME - Law Enforcement Families need Cannabis too

<p>Being the wife of a deputy made it a little uncomfortable for me going to get my card. It meant I had to tell my husband for one thing. He&rsquo;s always known I was a supporter, and I wasn&rsquo;t quiet about that. However, when I moved in with him fiveyears ago, I Kept my cannabis use a secret and did not bring cannabis to our marital home. The result was me not using the amount of cannabis my body was used to, and I ended up very very sick. This resulted in me needing RSO to save my life. I could not keep this secret any longer.I have been using cannabis for over 35 years. I was finally able just recently to bring cannabis to my house. He is still not sure how to feel about this... but after watching it save my life he has definitely become a believer. He finally stopped calling it &ldquo;dope&rdquo;</p>