Blueberry Mazar Crumble Review by pts

<p>Today I review Blueberry Mazar strain by @pts_pure. This strain is blueberry by Dj Short and mazar from Afghanistan crossed to make a flavorful, fruity and very very potent tasting crumble. Pts had done a great job with the extraction. You guys know I love my landraces so this should be a good one.</p> <p>Concentrate&#39;tion Station - Thank you for watching, supporting, and smoking with me.</p> <p>Stay lifted! Subscribe and Like Please! </p> <p>WojySmokes Socials</p> <p>____</p> <p>Youtube:</p> <p>Weedtube:</p> <p>Instagram:</p> <p>Snapchat: wojysmokes</p> <p>_____</p> <p>Please is you can, support the channel via crypto or paypal donations! Paypal:</p> <p>/////Crypto\\\\\</p> <p>BTC Wallet: 3Jmfs3aRRb2ZtML3hsNt5NkrGZhEYivqaQ</p> <p>ETH Wallet: 0x13d15533d369cfc445d6eb36a8490906b37e386c</p> <p>XRP Wallet: rCoinaUERUrXb1aA7dJu8qRcmvPNiKS3d Destination Tag MUST be set to: 1866460002</p> <p>LTC Wallet: LYdDe6oBp4X7WpKVzSJZiMyWe6tHHC6JAT</p> <p>TRX Wallet: TCk4rKEHLAGoMQ4fcTbvZb2nW4fiAzUf1f</p> <p>XMR Wallet: 8AbS1hPS6NAYk4TR2XrkAxj6iWQ24YLuDdcKMmgjAf8EQPPHq9QeYxsA47wNtzsusfcn4AuypTW3yQTxCFkCT9HeKoidRHQ</p> <p>DOGE Wallet: DUNKNogi1h7jLeqP4kcxh82ZGR1DGDFhZN</p> <p>DASH Wallet: XjhrxRx2WPeqG1xPgoNBYdVg2XA2PVADVV</p>