GoStoner GPen Connect Unboxing and Review

<p>Welcome back! Today i have a very special unboxing of the GPen connect, and needless to say, it&#39;s lit.....check out the review and if you have one, let me know what you think of yours! Thank you all again for haging with me, and please don&#39;t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe as well as follow my socials here; TW/FB/IG @GoStonerlife</p> <p>Discount Codes/Links</p> <p>Daily High Clubhttps://dailyhighclub.com/?rfsn=15618...</p> <p>Vitae Glass: GoStoner15 for 15%</p> <p>The Neutralizer: GOSTONERLIFE for 15% off</p> <p>Yocan: www.yocanvaporizer.com HAZY15 for 15% off</p> <p>Vape Active:www.vapeactive.com HAZY10 for 10% off</p> <p>Happy Blaze Box www.happyblazebox.com HAZY for 10% off</p> <p>Doja Science:www.dojascience.com Hazyhulahigh420 for 10% off</p> <p>Waxmaidhttps://waxmaidstore.com/?rfsn=297438...</p> <p>Stay Lit</p>