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<p>Hello and welcome back to my weedtube channel! &hearts; &lt;br /&gt;</p> <p>In this video I use watercolors to paint something I drew while stoned.&lt;br /&gt;</p> <p>*I am of legal age of cosumption and live in Canada where weed is recreationally legalized &hearts;*&lt;br /&gt;</p> <p></p> <p>-------------------------------------------</p> <p>Music:<br /> Songs (in order):<a href=";Genre=Electro">Piccolo and a Cane</a>,<a href=";Genre=Electro">Knock Knock</a>and<a href=";Genre=Electro">Don&#39;t mean a thing</a><br /> Artist:<a href="">teknoaxe</a><br /> is licensed under a<a href="">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a></p> <p>-------------------------------------------</p> <p>&lt;br /&gt;</p> <p>Thanks for watchingâ˜ș</p>