Buying New Shoes VLOG | BLUNTOBER Day 9

<p>High again! It&#39;s Brianna and I in today&#39;s video :) We decided to buy some shoes, eat acai, &amp; smoke some weed; &amp; here&#39;s just that for you! I touchbase on my reselling business a little bit, and plan on creating an entire video around that! Lmk if that&#39;s something you&#39;d be interested in, &amp; comment down below any questions you may have regarding reselling :) Social media links down below:</p> <p></p> <p>STALK BRIANNA -</p> <p><a href=""></a>(subscribe so she starts uploading)</p> <p>Instagram: @brivnnvlr</p> <p>LOVE MY DOGS -</p> <p>Guru&#39;s Instagram: @guruthedawg</p> <p>Buddy&#39;s Instagram: @lilhotdawg</p> <p>GET HIGH WITH ME -</p> <p>Instagram: @blunthanna / @theresellinguru / @hannaban4na</p> <p>Poshmark: @theresellinguru</p> <p>Relovv: @theresellinguru</p> <p>Mercari: @theresellinguru</p> <p>SIGN UP for Poshmark and use my code &quot;THERESELLINGURU&quot; to get $5 off your first purchase!</p> <p>SIGN UP for Relovv using my invitation link and get 10% off every purchase for the first 24 hours:</p> <p>SIGN UP for Mercari using my invitation link and get $10 off your first purchase:</p> <p>Animated artwork by Alex: @lashombart</p>