The FDA Issues a Letter To Curaleaf Warning it Violated the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

<p>America&rsquo;s booming CBD market received a cold splash of reality this week when the US Food and Drug Administration issued a letter to Curaleaf, a major US cannabis and CBD brand, warning that some of its product marketing violates the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.</p> <p>Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich approved a trial program allowing digital payments to medical marijuana dispensaries, which could potentially significantly impact the way the state&rsquo;s MMJ firms without banking service transact business in future.</p> <p>More than a dozen public pension funds are investing in marijuana through a California real estate investment trust , a sign that institutional investors wielding billions of dollars in state funds are comfortable pumping money into the cannabis industry.</p> <p>Ontario, Canada-based licensed producer CannTrust fired its chief executive, Peter Aceto, &ldquo;with cause&rdquo; Thursday amid an ongoing scandal involving unlicensed cannabis cultivation that has enveloped the marijuana industry in Canada for weeks.</p> <p>Pennsylvania regulators revoked the permit of one of the state&rsquo;s medical cannabis cultivators for allegedly violating production and security regulations.</p> <p>New York state governor Andrew Cuomo&rsquo;s desire for full legalisation of cannabis took a step closer this week as marijuana use was decriminalised.</p> <p>London&rsquo;s first medical cannabis clinic to offer Cannabis medicine to children will open this week.</p>