<p>Sup Beautiful People!</p> <p>Today, I am once again accompanied by the GORGEOUS Mikayla Elliott. We will be reviewing/reacting to a collection of borderline offensive panoramic photos as well as taking a couple of painful dry-hits from my waterless bong!</p> <p>This video is purely intended to entertain. Neither of us had any intention of offending anybody. We wanted to film another video and this seemed like it had potential to be hilarious. I personally find this to be funny and enjoyable. If you disagree, I sincerely apologize and I ask that you don&#39;t let it ruin your day! :)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Instagram: @zanderjames_</p> <p>mikayla&#39;s instagram: @mikaylaelliott1</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------</p>