Grinding On My Day Job & Securing The Bag

<p>Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Arend Loves You Season 2. In this episode I take you behind the scenes for a better look at what it takes to &quot;secure my personal bag&quot; and what the members of TheWeedTube team do for our community! From sales calls and advertising... to uploading, development and social media, the tasks are never ending. Dynamics are always changing from day to day and you never know what Ron might find in the yard, so pack a bowl and get ready for a full behind the scenes vlog experience. I&#39;m so excited for you to see this week in my life and as always please comment down below with feedback so I can make Arend Loves You the best it can be! Remember to subscribe, like and ENJOY!</p> <p>Follow me!</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Snapchat: Arend90</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>