Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Strain, She is so BIG.. let's call it a TREE!!! Week 5 of Flower

<p></p> <p>Fruity Pebbles yield pretty good for us, this one looks like it may set a record.. taking up the space that over 2 lights woud light up is pretty impressive! I look forward to following the journey of this plant with you guys. we maybe smash and records with this one!!</p> <p>Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I am known as @wizardnpk. I post amazing daily photos of the most beautiful marijuana plants found in my patient garden. I post pictures early in the morning so it&#39;s nice to wake up to this.<br /> <br /> Hey Guys!!! Wizard NPK here.. I&#39;m a state registered and licensed medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who need a lot of marijuana! I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility. If there&#39;s any topics you want to see covered leave a comment, I love suggestions.</p> <p>Attention Growers: The nutrient company I&#39;ve been working with as a tester to develop this awesome nutrient line will be giving away free product to a limited number of testers for a full year. Testers will then receive 75% off for life!!! Visit for more information.</p>