Pumpkin Queen...Happy HalloWeed Finale

<p>Hey stoner pals...I hope you are all having a lovely day! Thanks so much for clicking of this video! if you enjoyed please dont forget to hit the LIKE button, and it would be awesomesauceum if you would hit the SUBSCRIBE button as well!!!</p> <p></p> <p>Soooo this video was suppose to be live Oct 31st as our HalloWeed makeup finale....buttt just as i was getting it edited and uploaded, the fucking internet went out and i didnt get iot back till NOV 1st at like 11 am....</p> <p>My response to this was to rage out and have a fit and beat my fists on the ground.....I was devestated...I so wanted to have this out on time for you guys, so all motivation left me and i felt sad and down....then after hitting about 5 dabs and 3 bongs I messaged a beautiful and wonderful soul for someadvice....Sooo after that i felt better, and decided fuck it imma upload this bitch after all!! I hope you guys love the way it turned out as much as I do and I hiope you all had a great Halloween!</p> <p>Chill with me here on the daily------&gt;&gt;&gt;<a href="https://www.instagram.com/cotton.mouth.mua/">https://www.instagram.com/cotton.mouth.mua/</a></p>