I Deleted My Social Media for a Week and it was LIT

<p>I&#39;ve been on social media since the original Facebook website. I was a senior in High School and you weren&#39;t even supposed to be allowed on until you were in college. Yes that is showing my age but it&#39;s fine. Social media became part of my life in the same way it is for most people. It also became even more as I started persuing career opportunities via my social media following. Somewhere along the road I think I forgot about reality outside of social media. So I decided to take a break. A 7 day detox. In this video I talk about the detox, what I did while I was on break and how I feel overall after the break.</p> <p>Don&#39;t forget to live everyone. It&#39;s very important.</p> <p>A link to the rig I used in the video (Code Arend):</p> <p><a href="http://hippiebutler.com/product/idab-hippie-butler-glass-8-ball-rig/">http://hippiebutler.com/product/idab-hippie-butler-glass-8-ball-rig/</a></p> <p>Another great iDab Hippie Butler piece:</p> <p><a href="http://hippiebutler.com/product/idab-hippie-butler-glass-hennesy-rig/">http://hippiebutler.com/product/idab-hippie-butler-glass-hennesy-rig/</a></p> <p></p> <p>Follow me everywhere:</p> <p>Tik Tok: @arendlovesyou</p> <p>Instagram: @arendrichard</p> <p>Snapchat: @arend90</p>