Organic OG Kush from Seed Indoor Grow Ep. 1 : Living Soil for Cannabis

<p>Making Living Soil for our Organic Indoor OG Kush Cannabis grow. Showing the first 4 weeks of growth from Seed to transplanting into 1 gallon pots and a quick overview of the grow tents that are bring used during the grow. This is also a budget friendly growing medium compared to Super Soil.</p> <p>12 gallon mix: 2.5 gallon Promix HP 2.5 gallon Promix Organic Premium Vegetable and Herb Soil Mix 2.5 gallon Organic Compost 2.5 gallon Sea Compost 1 gallon Promix Perlite 1 gallon Promix Vermiculite 4 cups Gaia Green Organic All purpose Fertilizer</p> <p></p> <p>Music:</p> <p>keywords: from seed, Living Soil, Organic Cannabis, Organic Marijuana, grow marijuana, og kush, indoor grow, grow tent, grow room, growing cannabis, growing marijuana, cannabis grow, how to grow cannabis, How to grow marijuana, beginner grow guide, medical marijuana, cheap grow, budget grow, grow at home, How to grow, How to, grow 2020, indoor grow 2020, marijuana grow, autoflower, cannabis video, vivosun, viviosun 600 watt</p> <p>#Livingsoil #Indoorgrow #supersoil</p>