Cannabis Training Trivia (How does cannabis work in the human body? »)

<p>TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE NOW &raquo;<br /> <br /> CATEGORY: Cannabis Training<br /> <br /> TAG: The Endocannabinoid System, Cannabis Biochemistry<br /> <br /> LEVEL: Easy<br /> <br /> CANNABIS TRAINING TRIVIA TOPIC<br /> This Cannabis Training micro learning moment is all about The Endocannabinoid System. Can you correctly answer each of these five questions? &raquo;<br /> <br /> GET FREE ONLINE TRAINING Get hired. Get promoted. Grow a cannabis career. Sign up for EpicHint&#39;s free comprehensive online Budtender Training and Cannabis Training University visit:<br /> <br /> EPICHINT TRIVIA EpicHint is dedicated to building high performing authentically diverse cannabis businesses by removing financial and location barriers to cannabis training and career growth resources. EpicHint Trivia is the latest addition to our free training resources. Each EpicHint Trivia sesh is a fast paced micro learning moment; 3 minutes long made up of 5 questions. Test your knowledge every Tuesday and Thursday! Compete against friends.<br /> <br /> ABOUT EPICHINT<br /> EpicHint is a cannabis knowledge exchange. We organize the world&rsquo;s credible cannabis information and make it accessible and useful to grow cannabis careers and businesses. For more information on EpicHint visit:<br /> <br /> HAVE QUESTIONS?<br /> Text us: (619) 796-HINT (4468)<br /> Email us: hello at epichint dot com<br /> Web:</p>