Og Ice marijuana being grown in ocean Forest dirt vs Coco perlite experiment

<p>I am testing our nutrients on a plant in ocean Forest potting soil. I am hopeful this plant response just as good as the plant in Coco perlite mix, so far they&#39;ve been transplanted for almost a week and look still identical. Every few weeks I plan to do an update video. Thanks for following.</p> <p>I plan to make a lot more videos covering all sorts of different topics such as the grow techniques I use, how I step up plants/mixing Coco and perlite, how I mix and feed my custom nutrients, how I harvest, process and cure, rosin making, maintenance and grow room construction and the equipment needed in The grow rooms. We could also go over harvest and finished buds, maybe even see my office where I distribute medicine to my registered patients? Let me know what you want to see.</p> <p>Hey Guys!!! Wizard NPK here.. I&#39;m a state registered and licensed medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who need a lot of marijuana! I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility. If there&#39;s any topics you want to see covered leave a comment, I love suggestions.</p> <p>https://youtu.be/t1KDYw7l3Dg</p>