Organic Cannabis Grow!!! Blueberry and Haze Harvest!!!

<p>Welcome everyone to this weeks video. We hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. This is our cannabis grow documentary Grow420TV. We have several grow tents, Grow cabinets, and grow closets. All of our plants are for personal medical use, nothing is for sale. You will get to see us grow our cannabis organically. Our favorite medium to use is coco coir. Please Like and Subscribe. Leave comments and questions.<br /> Our Auto Sky Room is a small grow cabinet. It is about 20 in wide, 30 in deep, and is about 5 feet tall. We have an Electric Sky ES180 light in this grow space. I like to use this area for auto flowers. Its size is great for smaller photoperiod plants also. In here we have our Peyote Gorilla seedling. We found a seed from the last grow and are growing one from Seedsman. This will let us see if it was crossed with another plant. We will be toping the plants today. We will cut off the very top growth, and this will encourage the plant to grow it&#39;s internode branches. Making the plant bushier. This will give us a larger yield. So our fun little phenohunt is on the way!<br /> The Sky High Closet is our largest grow space. We have 2 Electric Sky ES300 lights from The Green Sunshine Co in this closet. We can fit several plant into this space and really let the plants grow large. In here right now is Laughing Buddha from Barney&#39;s Farms. Next is the Blueberry by Dutch Passion Seeds. It is time for our Blueberry plant to have her harvest! So we will be trimming the Blueberry plant. Than we will dry and cure the buds for smoking. The tallest hands down is the CBD Seeds, One to One. This girl is really stretching to the lights and is now 6 feet tall. This is the 10th week of flower and the buds are starting to from nicely. Trichome crystal production is starting, and someincredible buds are forming on these plants. This closet has some the the most beautiful buds you&#39;ll ever see.<br /> In our 3x3 Ultra Yield grow tent our last plant in here is ready to harvest as well. This is the 12th week of flower and our Killer A5 Haze is ready to take down. This grow tent has our Spectrum King Closet Case 140 light. We do have the brand new light on the way for this tent also. We cant wait for it to arrive.<br /> Thank you to everyone watching and Subscribing! We are happy to share our very easy way of growing organic cannabis with dry soil amendments. Please follow us on Instagram :<br /> To Support our channel further join our Patreon Page:<br /> email us:</p>