Building a blanket fort & Hotboxing it | Bakedbeauty420

<p>What is good what is up beech!!?? Welcome back to another video here on theweedtube! In Today&#39;s video I decide to build a blanket fort in my living room. While hotboxing I talked about the Corona Virus because that is basically the biggest topic/thought in everyone&#39;s mind right now. I know it&#39;s heavy on mine. As I upload this video you might think beech why aren&#39;t you at work? well beech just like I feared. All resturants in many states have closed down. So if you are like me and are someone who works in the Resturant industry, my love and heart goes out to you. I am just as scared as you are. But beech we will be able to get through this. We all just need to do our part as a community to stop the spread. If that means staying inside do it if you can. So sorry to touch on this subject but I felt like I just couldn&#39;t come back and not talk about whats going on in this world. I love you all so so much, I am for sure going to try to make more content during my time off, and try to look at the bright side! So if you have any videos you&#39;d like to see from me please let me know! Some content may not include Cannabis just simply because I am out of work. Cannabis or not I will still continue to make content because right now this is the only thing keeping me sane. Again I love you all please stay safe and do what you can! Most importantly STAY HEALTHY! xoxo Bakedbeauty420</p> <p>WHERE ELSE TO SMOKE WITH ME:</p> <p>Instagram:<a href=""></a></p> <p>Twitter:<a href=""></a></p>