Bacchus- Circ Perc to Honeycomb Recycler Bong

Available "Bacchus" is an intricate design recycling bong made for pure and smooth hit. The bottom chamber contains a circ perc as well as a honey comb perc. Water travels up to the recycling chamber and flows back to the filtration chamber immediately, making the water level remains unchanged all the time. Thanks to the bent neck design and you do not have to worry about water splashing. It is a perfect bong for both herb smoking and concentrate dabbing. Specification: 1.Joint:14mm female 2.Height:8.7 inches/22cm 3.High Quality Thick Borosilicate Glass 4.Bowl Included 5.Circ Perc 6.Honeycomb Perc 7.Recycler 8.Bent Neck 9.90°Joint 10.Flared Mouthpiece Disclaimer: SmokeWeapon does not own the music.